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“Yoga teaches us to deal with each day as it arises, and then put it down”

Guiding yoga at RESTFEST pop-up during the Arundel Festival, summer 2019.

I teach yoga because I want to share this beautiful calming practice with you. Guiding you in to a beautifully tranquil savasana  (relaxation) and seeing you look completely blissed out ticks all my happy boxes.

Living in these challenging times, we all experience stress in different ways. Most of us are so used to living with stress that we are yet to notice the effect it may be having on our physical body, on our emotions and day-to-day behaviour, including our lifestyle choices.

Practicing yoga can help you to create your own self-soothing remedy that you can use whenever life feels extra-tough. A weekly practice which includes a long guided relaxation can help you to begin to replenish your energy levels, assist you with releasing tension that may be stored in your body and remind you to take some deep, long breaths which encourages the body to relax.

The more familiar you become with your yoga practice and breathing with intention as you gently move on your mat, the more you will strengthen your relaxation practice; essentially you will begin to cultivate a sense of peace emotionally, as well as physically that will support you in becoming more resilient, calmer and even kinder to yourself.

Yoga has personally helped me reduce my stress levels, breathing deeply clears my head and gently nurtures my nervous system. It’s also boosted my immunity, it’s massaged tight muscles, strengthened, lengthened and loosened them. It’s increased my mental and physical energy and expanded my capacity to love and appreciate my body for all that it does. All round, it’s made me a happier and more resilient human.

Yoga, can help you too.

🧘🏼‍♀️ Welcome to Yoga with Hand-Holding Human. I’m Hannah Morrish I teach yoga here in Brighton and Hove.💆🏼‍♀️Today I’m talking about my style of teaching and classes, I also create and host wonderfully relaxing half-day and full-day retreats. 💁🏼‍♀️Here on my page I share the themes and focuses which inspire my weekly classes, my events and mini yoga videos which means you can practice with me where-ever you are in the world.With love 💕Hannah x

Posted by Yoga with Hand-Holding Human on Sunday, 12 January 2020

Community yoga class in Portslade Old Village 

I teach a gentle 90 minute class in Portslade on Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm – 8:.30pm. This class is ideal for beginners or those that are keen to give yoga a whirl outside of a gym or studio environment.

£10 drop-in or five classes for £45.

Contact me on 07769680518 or email hannah@handholdinghuman.com if you have any questions.

This class includes:

  • Breathing for relaxation
  • Warming the body through movement
  • Gentle yoga flow (seasonal)
  • Restorative yoga (yoga under a blanket – the best part!)
  • Deep guided relaxation

Leave feeling blissed out, with a happy heart.

You will need to bring:

– A yoga mat, very affordable options in Decathlon in Brighton or Amazon or Yoga Matters if you prefer to shop online.
– A blanket and socks so you stay warm during restorative yoga and relaxation.

Address: Parish Centre, Portslade, South Street, BN41 2LE.

The number 1 and 1A bus stops right outside the Parish Centre (beside St Nicholas Church). For those of you driving there is plenty of free parking available.

Release, reset and replenish: monthly mini-retreats at SIX

Full day retreat – Saturday 21st March 2020

I blend the magic of hypnosis with a yoga flow fueled by your intention.

During this two hour workshop, let go of whatever no longer serves you through your breath and detoxing movement  – release.

Build fire in your belly and open your heart to what you’d like to bring into your life with a dynamic yoga flow, before journaling your intention for the month. Breathe life into the future you, and harmonise your thinking and your belief in your abilities through the power of hypnosis – reset.

Feeling energised and beautifully balanced enjoy a delicious plant-based treat to fuel you for the weekend ahead – replenish.

You will need to bring:

  • Your journal or a notepad and pen
  • Socks and warm clothing to wear during the extended relaxation, blankets will be provided.

Address: SIX, 102-105 Western Road, Brighton and Hove BN3 1FA

Western road is on the majority of the main bus routes and a 20 minute walk from Hove Station.


Love for yoga with hand-holding human…


“Hannah has a unique gift for knowing what people need and bringing out the best in themselves. Her community yoga sessions beautiful combine yoga, guided meditation & a tranquil Savasana with a joyful head massage with essential oils 😇
These classes are warm and welcoming and provide a great start for beginners or yogis trying to improve their practice like me” Nikki


“Hannah is amazing, she really cares and helps you to know yourself. Her yoga classes combine a tranquil experience to help right the wrongs of the day.with a combination of gentle exercise that stretches muscles , I never thought I still had! Complimented by total relaxation and a delicious anointing of temples to close. Friends and family have tried to get me involved in yoga for years , I always insisted it wasn’t for me. I went to Hannah’s community class to support a friend, after the second session I was hooked! Her mini-retreats and workshops are a beautiful added bonus – try one, you won’t regret it. Thank you Hannah.” Anne


“Amazing class, I cannot recommend it highly enough, there is something quite magical about Hannah. Her incredible soothing voice and her passion for living yoga” Kevin


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