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“I was skeptical about hypnotherapy, but also keen to try it out. Hannah made me feel relaxed and at ease when talking about very personal issues I wanted help with.

During the session, Hannah to my surprise guided me into such a relaxed state; I felt what I can only describe as a blanket being gently placed over me as I drifted away into a place of total peace, warmth and safety.

I came away from the session feeling relaxed, positive and free from the anxieties I had been carrying around with me for so long.

Thank you Hannah.”


“I worked with Hannah to address anxiety issues I am frequently affected by, and I am extremely happy with the subsequent results. Hannah’s assessment prior to commencing hypnotherapy was thorough and perceptive and her approach during the entirety of the session was sensitive and calming. Consequently, I had no hesitation in trusting Hannah. I feel positive results were noticeable immediately. In the following weeks I felt more able to manage previously anxiety inducing thoughts and situations with a more positive and relaxed outlook. Thank you Hannah.”


“I have had two hypnotherapy sessions with Hannah. The first session I had was to help with some sleeping problems I was having at the time. During my sleep I was constantly moving around and this was causing me to disturb my husband when he was trying to sleep. The session really helped and there was definitely an improvement in my sleeping. My husband was also very pleased with the results!

The second session of hypnotherapy I had was to help me focus on my business. At the time I was struggling to organise my thoughts and put them into practice. After the session I definitely felt more motivated to get things done and my thought process was clearer.

Hannah is always extremely professional, caring, and understanding and I always felt very comfortable during the sessions.

I would highly recommend Hannah as a hypnotherapist, and I can’t wait to go back for my third session.”


“I had a session with Hannah recently to help me kick a chocolate addiction that I have had for 20 years. I was slightly nervous having never done a hypnotherapy session before but as soon as I met her she put me at ease. She combines a friendly empathetic approach with professionalism and a real desire to help. What I was really surprised with were some of the questions which were clearly designed to get to the root of my problem. I can still remember one which I thought was strange at the time but as the session went on really began to make sense and still makes a huge difference to how I think today. It was a very positive experience for me and has really helped. I have no problem at all in recommending Hannah to anyone who feels the need for a little extra help with whatever the issue may be.”


“I felt completely lost in every sense of the word. I had forgotten who I was, what my passions were, and that I was worthy. Hannah was an outstanding friend and therapist during that time (and to this day). She encouraged me to join her at a gym class, which became an hour of pure laughter and sunshine through the darkness. She also helped me with hypnotherapy. I was a little sceptical as to whether it would benefit me (I was in a dark place where I felt no light could reach me) but it did so, and greatly! Hannah was able to make me feel comfortable and relaxed, which I was really struggling with at the time, and her soothing tones and positive messages helped me to feel confident, refreshed, and to begin my journey of self-love. As a result, I left a job I wasn’t happy in, and secured one that I love. I found the courage to end a relationship that was no longer right for either one of us. And, seeing how glowing Hannah had become as a result of her own self-love journey, and with her advice, I began sessions of solution-focused counselling. I’m still on my journey, but Hannah picked me up off the floor, took my hand, and took those first few steps with me, to a much more beautiful place, where the view was much clearer, the colours more vibrant, and the air much fresher. I will always be grateful for Hannah’s love, advice and healing. I would recommended her and her services highly.”


“From the beginning of the course your integrity, kindness, and enquiring mind have shone like a beacon. Your natural empathy and high skill level will ensure that you consistently deliver powerful client sessions but I am sure that you will take your knowledge and passion much further. So glow brightly and shed light on other people’s shadows so they see the path ahead.”

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