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Solution-Focused Therapy

Thinking about therapy can bring up images of a client on a couch, talking about all of the bad things in the past, crying, hoping that by reflecting and pondering on those bad times for weeks on end that they’ll somehow be finally freed. Sound familiar?

Solution focused therapy is exactly what is says it is – solution-focused. To move forward we don’t have to dig up the past. This type of talking therapy is goal-focused and my role is to help you make the change in your life that you want, supporting you to identify your personal strengths, skills and resources that will help you get there.

No matter how small or big you want the change to be, I don’t need a detailed history of your life, instead it’s really important that I understand your goal and together we set clear, manageable and smaller goals to help you create the future you want. This type of therapy is collaborative that will move you from the problem to the solution.

The solution-focused questions I use will help you to create the mind set you need to make a permanent change in your life, along the way you can expect to see a shift in your perspective as you become closer to your goal. Together we’ll also uncover in detail how you think you’ll benefit from making these changes, your motivation to do so and what you’ll first notice about yourself as you transition towards your goal. By identifying these personal changes you’ll be able to proactively take-charge of measuring your own progress, noticing the changes that will get you closer to your own finish-line.

A mix of solution-focused therapy and hypnotherapy is a match made in heaven. Hypnotherapy can be used to help you powerfully visualise how life will be as you make the steps to reach and achieve your goal. By embedding your desired mind set through hypnosis, you are literally re-programming your unconscious mind which powers the way we think. A simple, quick, relaxing and extremely effective way to help you move forward in your life.


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