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Scrumptious green juice

Posted on October 24, 2015

This green juice is scrumptious. It’s full of veggies like kale and cucumber which are high in bioavailable vitamins and minerals – this means that they are easily absorbed by your body. It also provides an excellent source of bone boosting calcium and is high in plant protein. I’ve topped it up with helpful plants like kiwis and cucumber which actually help the body to break down and absorb this protein goodness more efficiently.

This vibrant drink tastes refreshing and the kiwi gives it a delicate sweetness. Because of the protein content it leaves me feeling full and nourished. It’s super easy to make – it’s really just a case of throwing it all in a the blender, pouring it into a glass, drinking it, and letting it work it’s magic.

Scrumptious green smoothie

Scrumptious green juice


  • 1/5 cucumber (around 100g)
  • Big handful spinach
  • Big handful kale
  • 1 green kiwi
  • 1 scoop (around 30g) organic hemp protein (optional)
  • Tablespoon spirulina
  • 10 almonds
  • Teaspoon chia seeds
  • Half a juice of one lemon
  • Top up with water or coconut water

I always use the large Nutribullet cup for all my juices.


I love using cucumbers in my juices because they give the flavour a taste of freshness.

I actually feel a bit sorry for cucumbers, because I don’t think they’re perceived to have all that much gravitas in comparison to other veggies. They’re the kind of vegetable that just gets thrown on a green salad without a second thought. Cucumbers though, are actually pretty awesome and can be especially useful when it comes to maintaining a healthy digestive system.

When using cucumber in this juice just wash the skin and chop it into chunks – you want to include everything. The seeds act as a diuretic which helps to maintain the body’s water balance while the skin is a super source of chlorophyll which supports digestion. Cucumbers also contain a digestive enyzime called erepsin which helps to cleanse and tone the intestines.

Curly kale

Kale is hogging the limelight right now, in fact, you can’t walk into sandwich shop without stumbling over a packet of kale crisps – they are everywhere.

So why is everyone going so krazy for kale? Well, kale has the highest source of antioxidants in comparison to all other veggies. If you are ever making your own version of a green smoothie, always shove a handful of kale in it. It also reigns supreme over every other vegetable when it comes to both iron and calcium content, one portion of kale provides you with a 1/5 of your calcium intake – if you only eat plant-based foods like me, it’s worth stocking up on kale for healthy bones and teeth.

Like most veggies, the less you cook them the more nutrients you retain so popping this in your juice is a really effective way of eating it. By adding the lemon juice they work together to boost your body’s absorption powers. This means that you’ll absorb optimum levels of iron and calcium.

Green kiwi

Everyone is trying to stay clear of colds and the flu at this time of the year and kiwis can help you. I’ve discovered that they’re a particularly good resource to help our body strengthen its immune system because they really high in vitamin C.

Like kale, kiwi is best eaten raw  so when I put a green kiwi in this juice, I simply cut of the nobble at the end give the skin a bit of a scrub under water and put it in whole. These little fruits are so full of fibre that I don’t want to lose out to any of it by scraping out the green inside away from the skin. Two kiwis a day can provide you with 20% of your recommended fibre allowance and are great at keeping your digestive system moving.

The little black seeds though small contain omega 3 fatty acids which support a healthy heart by acting as a natural blood thinner. Pretty amazing.

Green kiwis may be small but they pack a big nutritional punch

Green kiwis may be small but they pack a big nutritional punch


Think a juice won’t keep you feeling full? Add in some almonds and you may be surprised at what happens. This particular nut is full of monosaturated fats and so takes a long time to be fully digested, keeping hunger pangs at bay.

Almonds are also even higher in calcium than Kale so this nutty addition helps to boost your intake for the day. They are also high in vitamin E which supports a healthy cardiovascular system.


“Have you got that mouldy pond scum in your smoothie again today Hannah?”  My work colleagues are referring to the impressive green superhero which is spirulina. It may smell a little bit funky but based on its hugely impressive nutritional benefits I will continue to eat it.

So now you might be wondering if spirulina actually does come from a pond? The answer is yes. It is a type of blue green algae that grows in both fresh and salt water. That might turn you off, but hopefully, you’ll change your mind when I say it’s been referred to as the most nutritional plant on planet Earth! Holy moly! Get this stuff in your juice!

Spirulina actually rivals eggs for protein content and per gram is far higher in protein than red meat. It also contains all the amino acids we need. It’s far more digestible than red meat so for vegans constantly battling against protein deficiency statements just tell everyone about spirulina, it wins hands down. It is also full of vitamin B1, B2, B3, copper and iron and also contains good levels of magnesium and potassium.

A packet of spirulina will cost you about £10 for 200g – I buy the Naturya product. It might sound like a lot but it does last if you’re only using a tablespoon a day.

Chia seeds

These seeds have also become super popular in the last year or so. Some people call them Ki-a, others pronounce them Chi-a – the correct way is the latter. You can find them now in a lot of supermarkets and places like Holland & Barrett, as well as online. They can be quite expensive so it’s worth considering buying them in bulk. You can use them on salads, stir-fries, smoothies, porridge andcakes so they’re worth the investment.

They a great supporter of heart health, being high in omega-3 and also high in calcium and magnesium for strong bones.


Spinach is high in vitamin K which boosts your bones and when eaten raw it’s best absorbed through adding lemon juice. Spinach helps fight inflammation in the body and its antioxidant properties can help reduce the risk of some cancers. For more information in spinach check out my choco-root smoothie post.

Organic hemp protein powder

Hemp is a complete source of protein (containing all 21 amino acids) and fibre and because it is high in omega-3, 6 and 9 its fatty acid content help support brain and heart health. Because I regularly practice yoga and work out a lot I use this to support and maintain my muscles. I personally find that adding hemp protein also keeps my hunger at bay.

I have loved researching this juice – I’m in awe of all the incredible things these plants can do to support our body’s well-being. Let me know what you think, especially if you are as wowed by them as me.

I hope you get to enjoy this juice soon, when you do, let me know what you think.

Have a gorgeous weekend,


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