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Plant-powered potato gratin – new recipe coming

Posted on October 29, 2015

Is there anything better on a cold and dreary autumnal evening than waiting to tuck into creamy coated soft potatoes hidden by a rich bubbling sauce; the top golden brown and caramelised, the rich aroma wafting through the oven door…..

Definitely not. And it’s even better when you know the tatties you’ve lovingly prepared are homegrown from your mini home-based veggie patch. As tonight was my first time cooking with them, I decided to try and get inventive and create a traditional gratin but without the dairy.

Purely plant-based potato gratin

Purely plant-based potato gratin

I used to adore potato gratin, I was an absolute cheese monster so I used to overload it, bake it, eat it and then suffer from a foodie ‘hangover’.

This very handsome looking gratin is still just as creamy and rocks a similar richness to dairy-based gratin but is so much lighter. No ‘hangover’ for me tonight, yet I feel delightfully full and satisfied. This potato-based dished is totally fueled by plants – no dairy and no soya. It’s easy and deliciously comforting.

I ate it tonight with an Italian seasoned tomato, spinach, aubergine and kidney bean stew and they complimented each other perfectly.

I’m going to make this for friends on Monday and get down the recipe. Tonight I just threw a whole lot of ingredients into the dish and made a little wish that it would pay off. It did and I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s going to be my ‘go to’ dish this Autumn.


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