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I am currently offering yoga classes in person and online.

Let Glow Flow – Tuesday 8pm-8.45pm at Hove Fitness and Squash

£7.50 guests (part of membership for members)

Let go Flow blends the yin with the yang to bring you into balance before bedtime. We start softly so you can gently warm up your body as you move with your breath. We’ll then build some heat with a standing yoga flow that will release tension from your day, including creating space in the shoulders and upper body. To close, we’ll practice seated and lying down yoga postures to cultivate a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Tomorrow is a new day. 

Yoga and the Yellow Rose – Devotion | Connection | Faith

Yoga & the Yellow Rose with Hand-Holding Human

On Saturday morning between 9am-10.30pm I host an online yoga class and women’s circle. A precious time to connect with ourselves and with others.

This is a beautiful way to start your weekend – slow, sensual and soft movement supporting you to cultivate a cocoon of serenity. A place for you to connect to your heart, spirit and soul. A time for you to tune in to life’s little whispers and truly listen to what you need.

This class includes a stunning yellow rose meditation where you will be guided to connect with and truly embody the divine wisdom that you are ready to hear in this moment. This is about cultivating a relationship with your most powerful sense, your intuition.

You will drift back into your space feeling hopeful, peaceful and full of gratitude.

We then sit together in circle with a cuppa and share our learnings, the words that blossomed as you gave yourself permission to drift into that beautiful rose garden of your mind.

This class and precious weekend ritual is £10.

To book, please contact me here Hannah@handholdinghuman.com.

Who is this class for?

Any woman who desires to connect with themselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual way. Who would like to begin their weekend with intention, awareness and connection. Who, in this time of physical and social distancing, misses the company of women and deep conversations with one another. Who desires the support of others and would like to not only be held in a sacred space of love, but also, contribute to that beautiful space.

How can I prepare for the class?

Create a calm space, consider lighting a candle, burning incense and writing an intention for your practice. Have your journal and a pen with you.

Is there a particular style of yoga we’ll be practicing?

The yoga I guide is gentle, with some moments that require focus and a little more stamina. The intention is that we go with the flow. We approach these little challenges with ease and with grace and then enjoy the benefits of the moments of stillness and softness. My intention is that the yoga I guide is accessible and available to all levels.

What will we share in our Yellow Rose Circle?

You’ll be invited to share any learnings and wisdom that you have received from the meditation I guide. My belief is that what we generously share with others, creates sacred inspiration that may act as a catalyst for deeper self-exploration.

How do I join the class?

The class will be held privately on Zoom. Once you have signed up to the class I will confirm the email and password to access our private sanctuary for our yoga and circle.

Pre-recorded Facebook videos

All my live lockdown classes can be found on my Facebook page ‘Yoga with Hand-Holding Human’ which has been created to be inclusive and to support you to self-sooth, take some precious time for yourself, breathe deeply and gently release tension.

What do I need for your yoga classes?

Ideally a yoga mat, if you have carpet that will provide some cushioning and comfort. If you plan to practice regularly, it’s definitely worth investing in a yoga mat.

Pillows and cushions for additional comfort, these are extra handy when we’re kneeling as they provide protection for your knees. Your knees are precious, please look after them.

Chunky hard back books can be used as yoga blocks too.

I try to create my classes to be yoga prop-free, but if some kind of prop is required I’ll always demonstrate using something you’re likely to have at home to ensure that my class is super accessible.

I’ve never taken a yoga class before, will I be able to do yours?

My intention is that the yoga I teach is accessible. If you have never tried a class before, this is a great time to try and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy it in your pyjamas! I try to always share modifications of poses because I appreciate we all have different bodies.

I want to reassure you that yoga isn’t about flexibility (although it will help you to cultivate space in your body through a regular practice), what it is about is uniting the body with the breath and exploring how you are feeling.

Love for yoga with Hand-Holding Human

“Hannah is a wonderful human being who is so in tune with her clients. I attend her Yin yoga sessions and her Release, Reset & Replenish retreats and I can honestly say that I leave them feeling positive, joyful, amazing and so much lighter. No matter how busy my mind is, I leave with a clear head. I love her Yin Yoga classes too, I feel like I’ve given myself a beautiful hug when I leave the class. If you haven’t been to one of her classes or retreats, sign yourself up now, you’re in for a treat”~ Cheri


“All sessions with Hannah are incredible. The way in which her caring and thoughtful nature come across in her teaching is so enjoyable and I have loved all my yoga with Hannah. And I don’t normally enjoy yoga.

Hannah has a fantastic ability to explain what is wanted and will adapt her descriptions and expectations to be individualised for everyone. Everyone is able to follow Hannah’s clear instructions and there are alternatives for everyone so no one is left out.

I absolutely love the way in which Hannah has a focus on comfort in all yoga positions, comfort within your head and comfort within yourself. Her focus towards self love is demonstrated in her planning and delivery of yoga classes and retreats, whilst including lots of small special tokens to take home with you

I would definitely recommend yoga with Hannah” ~ Becky

“Amazing class, cannot recommend highly enough, something quite magical about Hannah, and her incredible soothing voice this and her passion for living Yoga” ~ Kevin

“Hannah’s classes are amazing! As a yoga beginner, I found it quite daunting being a newbie but Hannah’s sessions are super easy to follow and she really helps you through the class making sure you’re relaxed, comfortable with the moves and most importantly enjoying it!

Now I look forward to her classes every week. It’s helping me relieve stress, improve my posture at work and gives me back some time to clear my head.

A huge thank you to Hannah for not only getting me into yoga but making me feel amazing after her class every week! Hugely recommended” ~ Cassie 

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