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Posted on October 4, 2015

When I was about four years old my gymnastics teacher told me I would never be strong or flexible enough to be a gymnast. That comment became my ‘truth’; that I’d always struggle to touch my toes, and that getting into splits would be a dream that would never come true.

I got into my first unassisted headstand at 29

I got into my first unassisted headstand at 29

My gymnastics hobby didn’t last long and instead I took ballet and tap classes up until the age of about 18. I always struggled with my body’s flexibility or lack of it. I’d always set good intentions to stretch with the hope of creating a new habit and that this new daily ritual would help me to develop the movement I desired. The problem was that I never emotionally invested in this intention and it never became I habit. My ‘belief’ based on my experience as a four year old was that I would never be good enough and my body just wasn’t capable.

Through my training as a solution-focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist I started to learn more and more about the thinking patterns that were holding me back and my knowledge has propelled me to breakthrough my “truth” and create a new way of thinking about my body and what it is capable of.

26 years on, by changing the way I think, I have become more flexible in the last 8 months through yoga than I have ever been. It really is mind over matter, I have learned that by believing in your body, you can transform; nurture, nourish and practice is all it takes. Success comes from your own self-belief.

This section of my blog is about movement and mobility, the benefits of yoga and stretch.

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