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Grief and loss

“When someone you love becomes a memory…that memory becomes a treasure.” Unknown

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If you’re reading this page, it’s highly likely that you’re feeling stuck, probably heartbroken, as you try and navigate the next stage of your life.

As someone who learned about loss very early on in life I understand the complexities of grief. The contrast of challenging emotions, the dark cloud which feels as though it will never lift, the deep-seated desire to turn back the clock and do things differently, knowing at the same time you can’t. And that’s why soothing grief can feel so difficult – what we’re often experiencing is conflicting feelings and emotions created by an ending or a significant change to the way life was.

I want you know that how you’re feeling is completely natural, there is nothing wrong with you. After all, grief is an emotional response to loss. 

My role as your therapist and coach is to support you to first heal and resolve uncomfortable memories and connected feelings before working towards acceptance. The intention is to recover from the painful experiences and changes you have endured and regain a sense of well-being. To feel like yourself again, to support you to give yourself permission to release that dark cloud from your life.

I’m here to listen and witness what you have to say, to create a space which enables you to release the emotion that has been weighing you down, to support you to process any upsetting memories, to guide you into restful relaxation to support the mind to create an alternative perspective that helps you to live the life you desire. My role is not to fix you.

This means working towards recovery, an opportunity to accept and choose peace when reflecting on the past rather than thoughts of the past activating feelings of hurt, sadness and pain. Recovery supports us to think back to the good times, the happy times, and not automatically think of the worst times, or activate the pain or remorse.

Common responses to grief 

  • Numbness – finding it difficult to access feeling positive or challenging emotions
  • Overwhelming sense of sadness
  • Struggling to fall asleep or disrupted sleep pattern
  • Experiencing reoccurring thoughts and feelings about the situation i.e. guilt and/or anger
  • Reduced concentration
  • Eating habits have changed
  • Feeling emotionally and physically drained
  • Sometimes tears appear without anticipating them

How I can support you

A blend of hypnotherapy, EFT and even restorative yoga all play an important role in supporting you to move forward and recover from unresolved grief.

My approach is individual for everyone, depending on your experience, the loss and the type off loss you have encountered in your life. Particular hypnotherapy techniques are used to support the safe resolution of emotionally charged memories that may have till now activated a strong wave of sadness, anger or guilt. I also use EFT (emotional freedom technique) to soothe strong emotions that are directly linked with memories or feelings. Blending these techniques creates a soothing change and a sense of freedom from that feeling of unresolved grief.

“Time itself does not heal; it is what you do within that time that will help you to soothe the pain caused by loss”


Want to talk or find out more about how I can support you to soothe grief and feelings of loss? 

Contact me on 07769680518 or email me Hannah@handholdinghuman.com

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