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hilton avisford park hotel arundel, West Sussex

RESTFEST is the UK’s first and only women’s wellness festival. 

It’s a wonderful, feel-good day out, full to the brim with friendly, big-hearted women who are on a journey to feel good. 

RESTFEST offers 60+ unique activities, a day designed to leave you feeling full of joy, inspiration, rest and empowerment.

I’m over the moon to share that I am hosting one of the workshops; this will be my third RESTFEST sharing what I love. I know that so many other women who are also returning for the second or third time because they absolutely adored their festival experience and received so many gifts (both personal realisations and goodies) from attending. 

You can take a peek at all the wonderful activities and workshops that are being offered here

SAY IT, SENSE it, SEE IT - Intention setting with heart

I’m sharing my personal intention-setting practice at RESTFEST this year. It’s both a practice and a ritual that’s brought me a lot of joy over the last three years and I’ll really excited to share it in this 45 minute workshop.

This experience is a mix of practical and deep relaxation. I’ll be guiding women to fully embody their intention through the power of hypnosis. 

Through setting a heart-centred intention we send out our wish, our request, our dream and then trust it’s going to bounce right back, in the most wonderful way. Through connecting with our hearts, the most powerful magnet in our personal toolbox, we create a cosmic connection with an abundant universe. Setting an intention is more than just writing an affirmation, it’s a multi-sensory experience, tuning into ourselves and feeling into our dream and desires, seeing it, using truthful and pure words to describe it, noticing that tingle in our body that confirms we are in true alignment and living on purpose.


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