Hand-Holding Human


As a hand-holding human I run a blend of events and opportunities to connect whether it’s through yoga or my community get-together ‘Dying for a Cuppa’, in Hove.

Half and full-day yoga retreats (Hove) 

Release Reset Replenish Yoga Retreat

Beautiful mini and day yoga retreats in Brighton and Hove.

I adore creating beautifully wholesome spaces for humans to drift away, feeling warm, soothed and loved. The yoga I guide is slow, mindful and restful. I use my voice to guide beautiful visualisations, meditations and powerful yet gentle hypnotherapy techniques to create a deeply restful experience. I use light touch to support blissful comfort and that oozy melting into the mat feeling that feels so utterly dreamy.

I get so much joy from creating these magical retreat days and from blending my craft to ensure all my guests have a wonderfully indulgent few hours.

Next retreat-day: Sunday 1st December 2019, Upstairs at Six and Wolfox Health Cafe, Western Road, Hove.

This event is now sold-out.

Love for Release Reset Replenish 

Hannah is a wonderful human being who is so in tune with her clients. I attend her Yin yoga sessions and her Release, Reset & Replenish retreats and I can honestly say that I leave them feeling positive, joyful, amazing and so much lighter. No matter how busy my mind is, I leave with a clear head. I love her Yin Yoga classes too, I feel like I’ve given myself a beautiful hug when I leave the class. If you haven’t been to one of her classes or retreats, sign yourself up now, you’re in for a treat.” Cheri, Hove

“Hannah is a beautiful human who is creating her own style of offerings as she weaves in all things that are opening and powerful in her own life and combines that with her yoga teachings. I have been lucky enough to attend 3 of her Release, Reset, Replenish sessions Upstairs at Six and I have immersed into and enjoyed all of them.
I love her combination of meditation, journal writing, intention setting, guided visualisations and yoga which is a perfect balance of opening, flow, relaxation and rest. All of this is offered with love from her heart and great care as she moves between us offering light head and temple massage with exquisite oils.
Hannah is genuine and original and I feel aims to offer a whole experience that makes a gentle impact with her workshop style sessions. She certainly achieves that and unites the whole group in the process.
Such a lovely experience led by someone who is truly in service. I cant recommend her highly enough 🧡”  
Lesley, Brighton

I had such a lovely morning at Hannah’s Release Reset and Replenish workshop that I went back for a second time! It is the chance to completely relax, set new intentions and go through a lovely yoga flow to stretch and open up. Hannah is very friendly and calming and I loved the forehead massage with essential oils whilst going through meditation.
The smoothie bowls afterwards are delicious and it is great to have some time to chat to Hannah and the other people who took part. I highly recommend it!” Lucy, West Sussex

Dying for a Cuppa (Hove) 

Dying for a Cuppa Hove

Dying for a Cuppa is a monthly community meeting which supports safe, healthy and honest conversation about aging, death and dying.


‘Dying for a Cuppa’ is a welcoming and friendly space for everyone in the local community to meet and enjoy delicious homemade cake and tea and be part of supportive and open-minded conversations.

It’s a place to just ‘be’. With one member sharing that it feels like a container of love, with everyone able to openly share without the fear of being judged.

It’s also an opportunity for people (often strangers) to share and story-tell their experiences with the intention to increase awareness of death and the dying journey with the desire to help us all live and die well.

As people from a blend of backgrounds and experiences continue to attend this event we are growing in knowledge and able to support one another in both a heart-centred and practical way.

This event is for everyone, for those who have experienced loved ones and friends dying, and for those who haven’t. For everyone who wishes to support loved ones as they die, for those who are actively dying who wish to talk about their journey, and want share their experience and receive love and support.

Absolutely everyone is welcome.

Although the conversation at Dying for a Cuppa is always based on the needs of the group and guests I think it’s helpful to share the kinds of topics that may be discussed. Talking points might include things like:

Life: How can connecting to death help us to live a fulfilling and happy life?
Choice: How can we equip ourselves to support someones choice to die at home?
Preparation: What are the barriers to organising a will?
Shock: When someone dies suddenly, how might we support those connected? How do we support ourselves? How might this feel different to a death that we are anticipating?
Support: How might we support someone who is dying abroad? What services are in place?
Illness: How can we support others with a terminal diagnosis?
Grief: How do we move through grief as we process loss? How can we support ourselves and ask for support from others.

Next meet-up: Wednesday 16th January 2020 (time to be confirmed), Cornerstone Community Centre, First Avenue, Hove.

In 2o20 Dying for a Cuppa will happen every third Thursday of the month. Dates to be announced shortly.

There is also a growing Dying for a Cuppa group on Meet-Up which you are welcome to be part of, you can find it here.

Gratitude for Dying for a Cuppa

I’ve been meaning to attend one of these for ages and I’m so pleased I made it, I found the group very open and generous with the sharing of their stories, and at the same time so gentle and respectful with each other, it was an altogether positive experience, and I left feeling very uplifted and with much to reflect on.


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