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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


We are programmed to ‘touch’ – it gives us an instant boost because our skin has in the region of 5 million touch receptors. When these are activated our brains release immune boosting endorphins and oxytocin, known as the ‘love’ hormone which naturally make us feel happy. But there is one more element of ‘touch’ that I really value – it’s the power to heal us emotionally and physically.

We have this amazing infinite rescue remedy at the end of our finger tips and we’ve had it our whole life. The problem is, no one really knows about it. We all have the power to save ourselves from bad habits, anxiety, depression and poor health, the problem is that we don’t realise. Often we want someone or something to save us. Our suffering becomes our story and every day we continue to live it, looking for negative proof that back up our beliefs about what life has in store for us.

So what’s the fix? Well through tapping on our certain points of the face and the body we release the trapped energy that stores the bad memories and emotions in our body which continues to trigger us.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is built upon the principle that our body is an energy system and that through everyday life, ’emotional blockages’ can become trapped within our body. EFT releases this blocked energy through tapping on a series of points which are based on the body’s energetic meridian system. Anyone can tap on themselves and as a therapist I can help you work through releasing the energy by tapping on you while you focus on what it is that you need to release.

By moving the blocked energy from the body through tapping, we allow ourselves to feel a lot more balanced and it also enables us to remove negative emotions, traumas and phobias which can affect our behaviours, habits and the way we see the world.

How can EFT help me?

EFT is fast, enabling you to get directly to the root of the problem as it moves the issue out into the open. Tapping will help enable you to resolve it and experiencing relief on both an emotional and physical level.

Learning how to tap

During the first session I will teach you how to tap and throughout the session I will be tapping along with you so that you don’t worry about remembering the points. Once you’ve tapped during the session you’ll be able to tap outside of the sessions whenever you need too. Not only will you experience closure from problems during our session, you’ll also be able to chip away at the little things that bother you day-to-day which will undoubtedly bring more balance into your life.

Do I need to know what the problem is to tap?

No. The brilliant thing about EFT is that as you tap into your energy system, emotions or physical sensations will temporally surface which you can then tune in too, enabling you to release and resolve. By tuning in, we begin to understand why we’ve been acting or reacting a certain way and uncover the belief we have about ourselves. Through realising and releasing this old limiting patterns of behaving and thinking we can then create a new mind set using EFT.


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