Hand-Holding Human

Hannah Morrish Hand-Holding Human I’m Hannah and I’m a hand-holding human, I support and empower a diverse range of people to heal moments in the past so that they have space and courage to move forward and create the beautiful future they desire and deserve. To support you I use a diverse blend of solution-focused psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), matrix re-imprinting and coaching techniques. You can read all about these power tools here on my website.

As you’re here, I’m wondering if you’re curious about what I do and how I can work with you to make the changes you desire? To support you at this stage I’ve shared some questions below that might help you to understand what kind of support you’re looking for and how I can help you.

Let’s begin:

Have you not been feeling like yourself for a while now, but unsure of what the problem is?

Do you feel lost? Unsure of what you need to do to get back on track?

Do you have a bad habit that seems impossible to kick?

Perhaps you’ve had some form of talking-therapy before and it hasn’t helped but now you’re wondering if something like hypnotherapy will?

Maybe you’ve started to doubt yourself and your capabilities and life has felt a lot harder ever since?

Do you feel constantly on edge, anxious and worried about what might be around the corner?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with life’s pressures and stress but are unsure of what needs to change?

Maybe there is a memory in the past that revisits you often and you’d like to have someone holding your hand while you resolve it once and for all?

Perhaps you experienced trauma at some point in your life and you have a nagging feeling that now is the time to get help?

Maybe a life-long phobia has prevented you from living life to the full and you’re wondering how you can beat it once and for all?

Have you begun to realise that you’ve been creating unnecessary problems in your life and you’re now looking for a long-term solution.


Are you looking for someone who can help you quickly identify the root cause of the underlying issue and support you in building a long-term solution?

Are you looking for a solution where you’ll experience results and feel differently about the problem after the first session?

Are you interested in working with someone who can help you resolve the issue without having to talk for hours about the problem first?

Would you like to work with someone who will ensure you feel at ease, reassured and relaxed throughout the session, yet makes you feel empowered and capable of solving this problem once and for all?

Blending my skills as a solution focused psychotherapist, coach, hypnotherapist and emotional freedom technique (EFT) practitioner, I believe that I have something very special to offer you.

I can use my skills to help you resolve painful memories, bad habits, emotional conflicts, traumas, phobias and old belief patterns that have become a barrier to you living the life that you want. I am trained in methods that quickly resolve that problem and help you to align with your own skills and resources to create the life-long change you want.

“I felt able to manage previously anxiety inducing thoughts and situations with a more positive and relaxed outlook after one session”

I work with a diverse range of clients who have achieved complete freedom from anxiety, confidence issues, additions and life-long phobias following their sessions with me. My solution-focused approach will enable me to identify the root-cause of the issue and explain this to you, suggesting in a simple way how we resolve it.

“Hannah combines a friendly empathetic approach with professionalism and a real desire to help”

I adore what I do, as someone who has benefited from the same approach I now take to supporting you to achieve your goals and move your life forward in the direction that you desire, I’m excited that you’ve taken the time to read this and are considering working with me.

“Hannah is always extremely professional, caring, and understanding and I always felt very comfortable during the sessions.”

Every session is always different, tailored to your needs and how you are feeling at the time. I adapt the techniques I use to ensure they are bespoke to ensure I work with you to create a session that delivers instant weight-off-your-shoulders relief.

Read my latest five star Google reviews here.

“I started working with Hannah earlier this year after experiencing quite severe anxiety – and I am so grateful that I did! It was so comforting to speak to someone who could empathise and offer me guidance to feel better. Her wisdom and insightfulness really help you get to the heart of what you are experiencing and her kind nature creates such a safe space to explore things. Although there is still healing work that I am doing I feel like I have my life back again. Which is so amazing! I really can’t recommend working with her highly enough, she has helped me so much. Thank you Hannah!”


A little more about Hannah 

Having worked in a London-based media company as a senior Human Resources professional, I re-trained as a solution-focused psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with the excellent Within Sight training school. I later trained with Karl Dawson, EFT Master and creator of Matrix Re-imprinting, I am now a practitioner in both these life-changing methods.

I have worked as an advisor for young people and also acted as their advocate, invited to join a number of government panels across the House of Lords, Department for Education (DfE) and Office for Students (OfS) to communicate their needs and advise on new initiatives as part of developing policy.

I have regularly advised young people on managing stress and making informed decisions about their educational pathways on the world’s largest student community The Student Room. I was invited to advise students and parents on ITV’s This Morning on A-level results day on managing stress and took part in a phone-in, supporting members of the public live on air.  My advice has also been published in the Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Times Higher Education, The Huffington Post and I’ve spoken on BBC Radio 5 Live, Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ and been a guest on BBC Radio 1 ‘Surgery’ programme. Most recently I shared revision and well-being advice as part of  Class FM’s new weekly programme ‘Revision Hour’.


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